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About Us


While new advisory companies pop up every day, BMT has been providing successful results for our clients since 2006.  Clients entrust us with their most important matters.

Proven Track Record

BMT principals have decades of experience operating companies large and small, creating new and innovative programs and providing advice and guidance for our clients.

Customized Solutions

There is nothing cookie cutter about us. Each situation gets our full attention. We believe that your business is unique and we design solutions to fit you.

Our Services


Outsource C-Level Executives

Experienced leadership is the most important need for any company. especially in times of disruption. Is your company performing up to the level you would like? BMT has a proven track record of success in providing outsourced C-Level executives with operating, sales and marketing experience to help improve a company's position. Outsourcing a CEO, COO, CRO or CMO is a cost effective way of getting the expertise you need in times of difficulty.  Challenges need prompt action and we have the ability to jump in quickly.

Enterprise Transformation and Turnaround Management

Enterprise Transformation and Turnaround Management

Global pandemics, shifting market demands, new regulatory requirements and new technologies are just some of the forces that are impacting business life today. When the business is failing and it is time to make large scale changes, BMT can be a trusted advisor and help design a plan to accomplish your goals.  And, if your current team is not up to the task, we can provide you with outsourced top level management who can step in and make the important decisions and set a new direction to turn around the business.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The presence of a strong and effective board is increasingly critical to the success of organizations, especially in times of disruption. Every board needs an operational expert who can provide an experienced inside view and, in certain cases, take on the task of training a first time CEO to be the best he/she can be. BMT has decades of success working on Boards to guide business growth.

Acquisition, Refinance & Divestiture Analysis

Acquisition, Refinance & Divestiture Analysis

As a lender, investor or owner, you need expertise when evaluating a potential purchase, restructuring for ongoing growth, or eventual divestiture. BMT can provide the operational expertise needed to properly evaluate the business value. In special cases where you are looking to divest quietly, BMT manages private sales within the broadcast industry.

Trusts, Receivership & Bankruptcies

Trusts, Receivership & Bankruptcies

As a lender or investor who has come to the decision to seek restructuring alternatives, understanding and navigating how that works within FCC rules and regulations can be a difficult task. BMT's CEO regularly acts as a receiver, trustee when licenses must be held by a 3rd party, and trustee in Chapter 11 and 7 bankruptcy situations.

Management Evaluation

Management Evaluation

As a lender, investor or owner, there are times when you need an outside resource to evaluate your management team. BMT will go onsite, interview employees and analyze your systems to determine if your management team is maximizing your operation. Our wealth of experience allows us to identify issues, risks, and solutions to unlock value in companies.

Expertise in Hispanic/Latino Markets BMT's ability to help you is not limited to the general market. Our CEO founded Adelante Media Group which specialized in emerging Hispanic markets and served as its outsource CEO from inception to divestiture. In addition, he currently serves on the Board of Directors of R Communications, a radio and television group along the Texas-Mexico border operating stations on both sides of the border. Building business. Word Leadership with important components on chalkboard, panorama

Expertise in Hispanic/Latino Markets

BMT's ability to help you is not limited to the general market. Our CEO founded Adelante Media Group which specialized in emerging Hispanic markets and served as its CEO from inception to divestiture. In addition, he currently serves on the Board of Directors of R Communications, a radio and television group along the Texas-Mexico border, with ownership of stations in both countries.

Executive Mentoring

Executive Mentoring

Do you have a first time CEO that needs mentoring or a CEO that needs help during a tumultuous time? BMT can help. We are often called upon to take a Board position or work with CEOs on a consulting basis with the prime duty of mentoring your CEO to higher achievements.

Who We Work With

Our team combines strategic, C-Suite vision and real-world industry experience to address critical issues in high-pressure situations. We work for our clients to provide practical and sustainable solutions.

Boards/Executive Teams

Boards/Executive Teams

In times of turmoil or change, businesses may find that they require fresh leadership and guidance. We leverage our decades of experience in operations, sales, marketing, communication and FCC rules to help you when you need it most. We understand the nuances of guiding and seamlessly partnering with executive teams to help build and grow your business.



BMT is a one stop resource for you. From providing industry expertise prior to loan inception to management and business evaluation, outsourcing C-Suite services, or turnaround and restructuring alternatives for an existing loan that has run into trouble. BMT can provide business intelligence to ensure your return on investment.

Equity Investors

Equity Investors

With high risk comes high reward, and sometimes the need to save your investment and stop the bleeding in a failing situation. The BMT team has years of experience on both sides of the table from providing expertise when deciding whether to make an investment. to offering C-Suite services or management evaluations, and turnaround alternatives if its time to restructure.

Broadcast Owner/Buyers

Broadcast Owner/Buyers

Sometimes your lender or equity backer requires you to get outside help and expertise. Members of the BMT team have been in your situation and our staff is uniquely qualified to help you through every challenge you face as a broadcaster.  And, we know how to work with lenders and equity backers.

FCC Attorneys

FCC Attorneys

As counsel to broadcast companies, you are on the front lines in advising your clients in today's challenging media and communications regulatory environment. When they need it, BMT can provide outstanding service to your clients through our broad range of services.

BMT Clients


Our reputation is earned by the quality of our clients.  They have included lenders such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Newstar Financial and Prudential; PE firms such as Atalaya, Gladstone, Equity Group Investments, Oaktree and GE; and companies like On Brand Media, 3Cinteractive, Cumulus, Townsquare, Regent, Pierce Street, DMS, Sun and Fun, Key Networks and JMI.

Our Team

Jay Meyers Press Photo

Jay Meyers

Jay Meyers is a recognized expert in the broadcast industry and beyond with a track record of success as a C-Level and senior executive in companies as large as the Fortune 500 and as a resource and leader for small businesses.  A former operator himself at companies such as Jacor, Clear Channel and Adelante, Jay brings a hands-on knowledge of leadership, strategy and operations to help executives create and execute plans to grow or turn around their businesses.  He is consulted by boards, owner/operators, lenders, private equity, attorneys, and senior executives for operational management evaluation and oversight, and when necessary, can step in as an outsourced C-Level executive.  His career has touched more than a thousand radio stations giving him special knowledge of the workings of the Federal Communications Commission's laws pertaining to broadcast licenses.  This enables BMT to offer a full range of workout alternatives, including receiverships, trusteeships and as a bankruptcy trustee for both 7 and 11.  Jay was named "America's Best Broadcaster" in 2012 and has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Drexel University.

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Hipsetter Group

Through an exclusive agreement with The Hipsetter Group, a marketing, branding and communications agency, BMT helps clients identify growth opportunities, put systems in place to generate revenues, and amplify their brand within the marketplace.  HG has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in developing and implementing strategies and re-tooling business development teams to accelerate performance and success.  Their proven track record includes designing effective strategic sales, marketing and communication programs for companies like Live Nation, Clear Channel Radio, Adelante Media Group, Kentucky Derby/Churchill Downs and Kennedy Space Center.


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