The InFocus Podcast: Adam Jacobson interviews Jay Meyers

RBR and TVBR’s Editor in Chief talks with the BMT CEO

Listen for insight on the state of the industry today in a spirited interview with Jay Meyers of BMT.

Joey Reynolds Visits With Jay Meyers

Radio History Comes Alive During A Fun Filled Hour

Recent Radio Hall Of Fame nominee, the legendary Joey Reynolds sat down with BMT’s Jay Meyers to discuss their careers, longtime friendship.and the future of radio.

Jay Meyers Radio Ink Interview

Jay Meyers Guests on Radio Ink Facebook Live

Helping Advertisers Rebuild Business

Amid the Covet 19 pandemic, BMT’s CEO provides insight in an interview with the publisher and editor.
(program begins at 2:50 mark)

Jay Meyers Trending Now Interview

BMT CEO Featured on Trending Now Talk

Jay Meyers Broadcast Trailblazer

The hosts sit down on camera for a full 360 interview about his career and business advice.
(appearance begins at 1:56 mark)

Jay Meyers Interview on Pioneers Of Philadelphia Broadcasting

Pioneers Of Philadelphia Broadcasting

Featured on camera interview with BMT’s CEO Jay Meyers

As part of the series “Legends of Philadelphia Broadcasting, a one on one chat about his career.

Debunking the Myth Of Minot

BMT CEO Puts to Rest A Radio Urban Legend

For years, a 2002 incident in Minot has been used by opponents of consolidation. Jay Meyers states the facts and shows how the falsehood got started.

Jay Meyers report on Spanish radio

Spanish Radio is New Media

Published Article from Jay Meyers of BMT

Advertisers often assume they can reach Hispanics via the general market. Here’s a new way to look at the subject.

Jay Meyers Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Drexel University College of Arts and Sciences

BMT’s CEO is honored by his Alma Mater with the college's first ever such award.

All Access Power Player Feature

A Free Wheeling Interview with Jay Meyers

BMT's CEO sits down with the leading radio and music publication for a wide ranging discussion of the issues facing radio.

The Power Of Hispanic Radio

Feature Article by BMT’s Jay Meyers

Despite a mountain of data showing tremendous population growth, Spanish radio stations struggle to get their share of the advertising pie. Read about the facts and the opportunity.